Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2123 Multimedia Works


2123 Multimedia Works


For renewal registration purposes, when a multimedia work consists of parts that are capable of being separated and used independently, the statutory or U.C.C. notice must appear on each component part that contains copyrightable material. If any component part bears its own separate copyright notice a separate renewal claim must be filed for the component part. When a multimedia work was first published with a general copyright notice for the work as a whole, a single renewal claim may be filed for all component parts first published together as a self-contained unit, provided the renewal copyrights in all of the material claimed vested in the same party on the same date. If the work contains an audiovisual element the sounds may be “sound recording” or “sounds accompanying an audiovisual work,” depending on whether they are intended to be used in conjunction with the audiovisual component. If a multimedia work does not contain an audiovisual element, the sound component (if any) must bear the copyright notice for sound recordings. For more information about copyright notice requirements, see U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE, COMPENDIUM OF U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE PRACTICES Chs. 4, 8.2, &; Supplementary Practice Nos. 18, 19, 27, 29, 35 &; 37 (1st ed. 1973), available at


NOTE: Sounds do not have to be physically integrated with the audiovisual work to be “sounds accompanying an audiovisual work.”


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