Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2122.3 (B) Published but not Registered for Original Term

2122.3 (B) Published but not Registered for Original Term

A choreographic work may be registered for the renewal term as a dramatic work, but only when the work meets all of the following criteria for choreography:

• The work is an original creation of choreographed movements, such as a ballet, modern dance composition, or similar theatrical work;

• The choreographic authorship is fixed in a perceptible form in sufficient detail to be capable of performance; and

• The work has a dramatic element, such that the choreography tells a story, or develops a character, or expresses a theme, or conveys an emotion.

If the renewal claim describes the work or authorship as “choreography,” rather than “dramatic work,” the U.S. Copyright Office will add an annotation to the certificate of renewal registration and a note in the registration record that the work is registered as a dramatic work.

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