Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2121.5 (A) Manufacturing Requirements

2121.5 (A) Manufacturing Requirements

As a general rule, to be registrable for the renewal term a lithograph or photoengraving, whether first published as an illustration in a book or as a separate work, should be manufactured in the United States.

Exceptions: In the following cases a lithograph or photoengraving does not have be manufactured in the United States:

• It represents a subject located abroad and illustrates a scientific work or reproduces an artistic work.

• It qualifies for renewal registration as a U.C.C. work.

• It was first published as part of a larger work other than a book (for example a periodical, a drama, or a musical composition).

• It was first published in a book that is not subject to the manufacturing clause (for example, a foreign language book written by a foreign author and first published abroad).

NOTE: When the entire text of a book is in the public domain and the illustrations constitute the new material, or when multiple lithographs or photoengravings are published in a collection in which these elements predominate, they are treated as separate works, and each illustration, lithograph, or photoengraving must meet the statutory requirements.

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