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2121.1 Maps


2121.1 Maps


This class of works was registered for the original term under class F and, since 1978, in class VA. For renewal registration purposes, this type of work includes all published cartographic representations of area, such as terrestrial maps and atlases, marine charts, celestial maps, and such three-dimensional works as globes and relief models.


To be registrable for the renewal term, a map should contain original cartographic material, such as drawings or pictorial representations of area based on original surveying or cartographic field work, or compilations resulting from the selection and ordering of essentially cartographic elements, such as roads, lakes or rivers, cities, political or geographic boundaries.


The copyright notice may consist of any acceptable form of the word “copyright” or the copyright symbol, along with the name of the copyright proprietor. The year date of publication may be included, but it is not required. An acceptable notice may also include the initials, monogram, mark, or symbol in place of the name of the copyright proprietor if the name of the proprietor appears on some permanently accessible portion of the work. All of the elements should appear together and be positioned in such manner and location as to give reasonable notice of the copyright claim. For more information about notice requirements, see U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE, COMPENDIUM OF U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE PRACTICES Chs. 4, 8.2, & Supplementary Practice Nos. 18, 19, 27, 29, 35 & 37 (1st ed. 1973), available at


NOTE: If maps appear on multiple pages as in a “book,” the notice should include the year date and appear on the title page or the page immediately following.


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