Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2115.5 (D) Effect of Timely Renewal Registration

2115.5 (D) Effect of Timely Renewal Registration

When a timely renewal registration was made, it determined the party(ies) in whom the renewal copyright would vest at the beginning of the renewal term. Any subsequent renewal claim filed during the renewal term must identify another party entitled to claim the renewal copyright on the effective date of the timely renewal registration, or, if any party entitled on that date either died or ceased to exist before the renewal copyright vested, a successor or assignee of that party. In such cases, the certificate of renewal registration should cite the number and effective date of the timely renewal registration and identify both the statutory renewal claimant and the vested owner.16 It should also provide the statutory basis for the renewal claim and a statement explaining how the vested owner acquired the renewal copyright from the statutory renewal claimant(s). For examples of acceptable statements, see Section 2115.5 (E) (3).

16 This policy took effect in 2011.

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