Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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2115.4 (A) (1) Pseudonymous and Anonymous Works

2115.4 (A) (1) Pseudonymous and Anonymous Works

When a work is pseudonymous or anonymous, the legal name of the individual author is not required, unless it was provided in the original registration record.13 If the pseudonym was provided in the original registration record, it should be given and identified as such in the renewal registration record. When a pseudonymous or anonymous work was not registered for the original term, the nationality and domicile of the author at the time of first publication is required to establish eligibility. In addition, the author of a pseudonymous work must be identified by providing the author’s legal name, the author’s pseudonym, or both.

NOTE: While the legal name of the author is not required for pseudonymous or anonymous works, by identifying the individual author the certificate of renewal registration and renewal registration record provides the critical fact that determines the party in whom the renewal copyright vested.

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