Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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204.2 Filing Fee

204.2 Filing Fee

The current filing fees for online and paper applications are set forth in the U.S. Copyright Office’s fee schedule, which is posted on the Office’s website. All filing fees are subject to change. For information concerning the types of payments that the Office will accept, see Chapter 1400, Section 1412.4.

If the applicant fails to submit the correct filing fee, a member of the Office’s staff will notify the applicant in writing. If the applicant submits the correct filing fee within the specified time frame, the effective date of registration will be changed to reflect the date that the funds were received. If the Office does not receive the correct filing fee within the specified time frame, it will close the file. If the applicant wishes to resubmit the claim, the applicant must file a new application, new deposit copy(ies), and the correct filing fee. The effective date of registration for a new claim will be based on the date that the new submission is received by the Office.

For a discussion of the effective date of registration, see Section 209 below. For a discussion of the Office’s practices and procedures for closing a file for failure to respond to a written communication, see Chapter 600, Sections 605.7 and 625.3 (B).

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