Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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204.1 (B) Paper Applications


204.1 (B) Paper Applications

At this time, applicants must use a paper application to apply for some types of registrations, namely:


• A registration for a group of updates or revisions to a database that does not consist predominantly of photographs.


• Renewal registrations.


• GATT registrations.


• A supplementary registration that corrects or amplifies the information in a renewal registration, a GATT registration, or a registration for a database that does not consist predominantly of photographs.


• Mask work and vessel design registrations.


In such cases, the applicant must submit a paper application using the appropriate form. For detailed information on these types of paper applications, see Chapter 1400, Section 1404, 1406.8, 1408, and 1409.


In all other cases, the Office strongly discourages applicants from using paper applications for the reasons discussed in Section 204.1 (A).


Applicants may download paper applications from the Office’s website, or request the forms from the Public Information Office via email, fax, telephone, or in person. Once completed, the applicant may submit the paper application, along with the required deposit copy(ies) and filing fee, to the Office by mail, commercial carrier, courier, or hand delivery.


For general information on how to complete a paper application, see the instructions provided with each form. For specific information on how to complete each space of a paper application, see Chapter 600. For information on how to submit a paper application by mail, commercial carrier, courier, or hand delivery, see Sections 204.1 (B) (1) through 204.1 (B) (3) below.


The address for submitting a paper application, filing fee, and deposit copy(ies) to the U.S. Copyright Office is set forth in space 9 of the paper application in the space marked “Mail To,” which may be found at the bottom of every paper application.


Be advised that all packages that are submitted to the Office by mail, commercial carrier, or courier will be screened for the presence of anthrax and other deadly contaminants. This screening will delay the delivery of the registration materials, and, in some cases, it could possibly damage the deposit copy(ies), which may cause additional delays. For more information on this screening procedure, see Chapter 1500, Section 1508.6.


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