Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1807.4 (B) Registrations Cancelled for Failure to Pay the Filing Fee

1807.4 (B) Registrations Cancelled for Failure to Pay the Filing Fee

The U.S. Copyright Office will cancel a registration if a check received in payment of the filing fee is returned to the Office for insufficient funds or is otherwise uncollectible. 37

C.F.R. § 201.7 (C) (2).

The applicant will be notified in writing that the fee could not be collected and that the registration has been cancelled.

If the applicant would like to resubmit the work for registration, the applicant should file a new application, together with new deposit copy(ies) and the correct filing fee. In appropriate cases, the Office reserves the right to require a certified check or money order, and in all cases, the effective date of registration will be based on the date that the new submission is received by the Office.

NOTE: This practice supersedes the Policy Decision Regarding Immediate Cancellation of Registration in Uncollectible Check Cases set forth in 46 Fed. Reg. 30,221, 30,221 (June 5, 1981).

See generally Cancellation of Completed Registrations, 50 Fed. Reg. 33,065, 33,066-67 (Aug. 16, 1985).

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