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1802.9 (F) Certification Requirements


1802.9 (F) Certification Requirements


The registration specialist will review the application for supplementary registration to confirm that the applicant certified the application. The specialist will accept a certification that includes the name of the individual who certified the application, along with the name of that person’s employer or the business or organization that the person represents, but a certification that merely recites the name of a business, company, partnership, or other legal entity is unacceptable.


When examining an application submitted on Form CA, the specialist will accept a handwritten, printed, or typed signature. The specialist will accept a photocopy of a handwritten signature, a stamped signature, or a signature provided on a preprinted label. Likewise, the specialist will accept a handwritten signature consisting solely of initials or a monogram if it is accompanied by the typed or printed name of the person who certified the application. If the application has not been signed, the specialist will ask the applicant to sign space G of Form CA and resubmit the application.


On occasion, applicants submit an application for supplementary registration without reviewing the information in the basic registration. In some cases, applicants review the records that are posted on the U.S. Copyright Office’s online database, but those records do not contain all the information that appears in the certificate of registration for a particular work. This may create a discrepancy between the registration record and the changes proposed in the application for supplementary registration.


As discussed in Sections 1802.8 (A) (7) and 1802.8 (B) (6), the individual who certifies the application must certify that he or she reviewed the certificate of registration for the basic registration. If it appears that this individual did not review the certificate before seeking a supplementary registration, the registration specialist may ask the applicant to resubmit the claim or may refuse registration.


See 37 C.F.R. § 202.6 (E) (5); Supplementary Registration, 81 Fed. Reg. 86,656, 86,660 (Dec. 1, 2016).

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