Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1802.6 (C) Title of the Work

1802.6 (C) Title of the Work

An error concerning the title of the work may be corrected with a supplementary registration. Specifically, a supplementary registration may be used to correct the title(s) of the work(s) listed in the basic registration, to add subtitle(s), previous or alternative title(s), or contents title(s) that were not provided in the application for the basic registration, or to reflect a change in the title(s) that has occurred since the basic registration was made.


• Richard Maguire registered a sound recording. The title given in the certificate of registration is “I’ll Love You,” but the title given on the deposit copy is “I’ll Love You (Forever).” Richard may add the longer title to the registration record with a supplementary registration.

• Carrie Murtagh registered the first draft of her short story. At the time, she had not decided on the title for the story, so she entered “A Warped Frustrated Old Man (Working Title)” in the Title field. Three months later Carrie published her story under the title “Potter’s Field.” Carrie may add the new title to the registration record with a supplementary registration, or preferably, by registering the published version of her story and listing the prior title in the Previous or Alternative Title field.

• Adams Baker & Co. submitted a compact disc that contains a dozen sound recordings. The company registered this CD as an unpublished collection, but failed to provide the titles of the recordings that appear on the CD. The title of each recording may be added to the registration record with a supplementary registration.

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