Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1802.10 Certificate of Supplementary Registration


1802.10 Certificate of Supplementary Registration


If the application to correct or amplify the registration record is approved, the U.S. Copyright Office will issue a supplementary registration to the author, claimant, or exclusive licensee named in the application. But the Office will not notify any other party that a supplementary registration has been made, even if they are listed in the certificate of registration for the basic registration.


The Office will prepare a certificate of supplementary registration that contains pertinent information from the application. The certificate of supplementary registration will be mailed to the address that the applicant provided in the application. In addition, the Office will create a public record for the supplementary registration that identifies and describes the changes or revisions that have been made to the registration record.


The Office will assign a separate registration number to the supplementary registration. In most cases, this number will begin with the same prefix that appears in the basic registration.


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