Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1612 No Corrections or Cancellations

1612 No Corrections or Cancellations

The U.S. Copyright Office conducts only a limited review of an application for preregistration, because a preregistration does not constitute prima facie evidence of the validity of the copyright or the facts stated in the notification of preregistration. Consequently, a preregistration will not be cancelled, corrected, supplemented, or amended once it has been entered in the public record. For example, the Office will not expunge a preregistration from its records if the applicant incorrectly described the work or made other errors in the application. Nor will the Office accept an application for a supplementary registration to correct or amplify the information in the preregistration record. See Chapter 1800, Section 1802.4.

To correct a preregistration record, the applicant may submit another application containing the corrected or omitted information. The new effective date of preregistration is the day on which the Office receives the new filing fee and the new application, which are later determined by the U.S. Copyright Office or a court of competent jurisdiction to be acceptable for preregistration. See Section 1609.

If the work has been completed, the applicant may submit an application for a basic registration that contains the correct or missing information, instead of submitting a new application for a new preregistration.

See generally Preregistration of Certain Unpublished Copyright Claims, 70 Fed. Reg. 42,286, 42,290 (July 22, 2005).

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