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1601 What This Chapter Covers

1601 What This Chapter Covers

This Chapter provides information on the U.S. Copyright Office’s practices and procedures for preregistration.

A pregistration “allows the author of a work vulnerable to predistribution infringement to enforce her exclusive rights in court before obtaining [a] registration or refusal” from the Copyright Office. Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLC, 139 S. Ct. 881, 889 (2019). This procedure is primarily intended to address situations where copyrighted works are “distributed illegally via the Internet BEFORE they are even made available for sale to the public [which] severely undercuts the ability of copyright holders to receive fair and adequate compensation for their works.” 151 CONG. REC. S495 (daily ed. Jan. 25, 2005) (statement of Sen. Hatch).

For general information on the Office’s practices and procedures for registration, see the following Chapters:

Chapter 200: An Overview of the Registration Process

Chapter 300: Copyrightable Authorship: What Can Be Registered

Chapter 400: Who May File an Application

Chapter 500: Identifying the Work(s) Covered by the Registration

Chapter 600: Examination Practices

Chapter 1400: Applications and Filing Fees

Chapter 1500: Deposit

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