Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1509.2 (F) (4) (D) Return of the Deposit Copy Under the Motion Picture Agreement

1509.2 (F) (4) (D) Return of the Deposit Copy Under the Motion Picture Agreement

The U.S. Copyright Office will return the deposit copy to the applicant pursuant to the Motion Picture Agreement if the applicant submits a specific written request. In particular, if the applicant signs the Supplementary Property Agreement discussed in Section 1509.2 (F) (4) (C), that document will be interpreted as a written request for the return of the deposit copy.

If the work is to be returned by a private courier designated by the applicant, the applicant should include shipping instructions with the request. The instructions should indicate that the motion picture is to be returned at the applicant’s expense and it should include the name of the courier, an account number (if any), a declaration of value, and the amount of insurance required.

If the applicant requests, the motion picture will be shipped collect by means of a private courier chosen by the Library of Congress, with insurance coverage at the applicant’s expense, to the amount of the declared value. If no value has been declared, the amount of the insurance will be based on the estimated replacement cost for a copy of identical physical characteristics produced by a commercial laboratory.

Unless the Office is otherwise directed in writing at the time of deposit, motion pictures will be returned to the applicant by Special Fourth Class Mail. In such cases, the Library of Congress does not assume any responsibility for providing insurance. Because of the high risk of loss with respect to certain films, the Office ordinarily will attempt to contact applicants who submit 35mm feature films, oversize deposits, and copies of

special value for instructions for return by private courier at the applicant’s expense.

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