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1508.2 Hard Copy Deposits

1508.2 Hard Copy Deposits

The applicant must submit the deposit copy(ies), phonorecords, or identifying material in a hard copy format in the following situations:

• The work is not eligible for submission in electronic format because it does not satisfy the requirements set forth in Section 1507.2.

• The applicant is submitting a paper application rather than an online application.

Applicants may submit the deposit copy(ies) in a hard copy format by mail, by commercial carrier, such as Federal Express or United Parcel Service, by courier, or by hand delivery. These delivery options are discussed in Sections 1508.3 through 1508.5.

When the applicant submits an online application and filing fee and subsequently submits the deposit copy(ies) using one of these methods, the applicant must attach a shipping slip to the deposit copy(ies) to ensure that the deposit will be paired with the online application. See 37 CFR 202.3 (B) (2) (I) (D). To create a shipping slip the applicant must click the Create Shipping Slip button at the bottom of the Case Summary screen then click the shipping slip link that appears in the field marked Send By Mail. The applicant must print one or more copies of the shipping slip, attach a copy to each deposit copy, and send all of these items to the Office in a single package.

The effective date of registration will be determined based on the date that the Office receives an acceptable application, the correct filing fee, and the deposit copy(ies) together with the corresponding shipping slip. If the shipping slip is not attached to each physical deposit, the deposit copy(ies) cannot be connected with the application. In such cases, the application and the deposit copy(ies) will not be examined by a member of the Registration Program unless the applicant agrees to pay an additional fee to locate the deposit copy(ies) and match it with the corresponding application. The amount of this fee is set forth in the Office’s fee schedule under the heading “Matching unidentified deposit to deposit ticket claim,” and it will be assessed for every half hour required to perform this service. If the Office is unable to locate the deposit copy(ies), the applicant will be required to resubmit the deposit copy(ies) to the Office with the required shipping slip. This process will change the effective date of registration for the claim. See Copyright Office Fees, 85 Fed. Reg. 9374, 9382 (Feb. 19, 2020).

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