Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1507.2 Electronic Format

1507.2 Electronic Format

Electronic deposit copy(ies) are copies or phonorecords embodied in electronic format, rather than or in addition to a hard copy format. Applicants may submit registration deposit copy(ies) in electronic format, provided that (I) the copy(ies) are “complete” as defined in Sections 1505.3 and 1505.4, (ii) the copy(ies) are submitted in one of the acceptable file formats discussed in Section 1508.1, and (iii) one or more of the following conditions has been met:

• The work is unpublished.

• The work is not subject to the best edition requirements.

• The work has been published only in electronic format.

• The work has been published and identifying material is permitted or required in lieu of a hard copy of the best edition.

• The applicant is registering the works using the group registration options for unpublished works, serials, newspapers, newsletters, photographs, contributions to periodicals, short online literary works, or secure test items.

• The applicant is submitting a group of photographs under the pilot program for a group of database updates that consist predominantly of photographs.

• The Office agrees to accept electronic copies or phonorecords under a grant of special relief.

For all other classes of works, applicants must submit the deposit in hard copy format (even if the application and filing fee are submitted through the electronic registration system). The U.S. Copyright Office will offer hard copy deposits to the Library of Congress for use in its collections. In addition to submitting a hard copy, the applicant may upload an electronic copy to the electronic registration system to ensure that the Office retains a copy of the work. When completing the online application, the applicant should state that the electronic copy is for archival purposes and that the hard copy will be sent separately. This statement should be provided in the Note to Copyright Office field.

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