Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1412.5 Deposit Accounts


1412.5 Deposit Accounts


The U.S. Copyright Office maintains a system of deposit accounts for the convenience of those who frequently use the Office’s services. The system allows an individual or firm to establish a deposit account with the Office and to make advance deposits into the account. Charges for registration, recordation, or other fee services will be deducted from the outstanding balance in such accounts. See 37 C.F.R § 201.6 (B).


Only certain applicants may take advantage of deposit accounts. Specifically, a person or entity must have twelve or more transactions a year with the Office before they may prepay copyright expenses by establishing a deposit account. The Office and the deposit account holder will cooperatively determine an appropriate minimum balance for the deposit account (in no case less than $450), and the Office will automatically notify the deposit account holder if the account falls below that balance.


Deposit account holders may take measures to protect against falling below the account minimum. The holder may authorize the Office to automatically replenish the account from the holder’s bank account or credit card in an amount determined by the deposit account holder. Automatic replenishment will be triggered when the deposit account falls below the minimum level of funding. The Office will notify the account holder when its account will be replenished.


The Office will close a deposit account the second time an account holder overdraws the account within any twelve-month period. An account closed for this reason can be reopened only if the account holder agrees to fund the account through automatic replenishment.


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