Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1405.7 Content Requirements

1405.7 Content Requirements

The Single Application may be used to register one work if all of the content was created by the same individual, and if the applicant satisfies the other eligibility requirements for this form.

The following are representative examples of works that satisfy this requirement:

• One travel book containing text, illustrations, and photographs created by Christopher Wren.

• One song containing music and lyrics created by Danielle Running Horse.

o NOTE: If the applicant submits a recording of the song, Danielle must be the author/owner of both the song and the sound recording, and she must be the only performer featured in the recording.

• A musical work and sound recording created by Alicia Fox.

o NOTE: Alicia must be the sole author/owner of both the sound recording and the musical work, and she must be the only performer featured in the recording.

• One nature video containing script, direction, cinematography, and narration by Jonathan Bass.

• A translation by a single author of a work that is in the public domain.

The Single Application may not be used if the work contains material created by two or more authors, even if the applicant does not intend to name the other authors in the application and does not intend to claim their contributions in the application.

The following are representative examples of works containing material created by two or more authors that cannot be registered with this form:

• A novel written by one individual with an introduction and an afterword written by two other individuals.

• A translation by a different author of a work that is not in the public domain.

• An album containing music, lyrics, liner notes, and sound recordings created by three different individuals.

• A sound recording containing a song written by one individual that was performed by a different individual.

• A musical work created by one individual embodied in a sound recording created by a different author.

• A motion picture that includes directing, editing, writing, or other authorship by more than one person.

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