Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1112.7 (C) Descriptive Statement

1112.7 (C) Descriptive Statement

In all cases, the applicant must submit a brief typed or printed statement containing the following information:

• The title of the database.

• The name and address of the copyright claimant.

• A subtitle, date of creation, or date of publication (if any) that may be used to distinguish any separate or distinct data files within the database.

• The name and content of each separate data file, including its subject, the origin(s) of the data, and the approximate number of data records that it contains.

• The nature and frequency of the changes in the database and the location within the database or the separate data files where the changes appear. When describing the nature of the changes, applicants should clearly articulate the authorship claimed in these changes.

If the database contains a copyright notice, the descriptive statement should provide the following information:

• If the notice is in a machine-readable format, the applicant should provide the exact content of the notice and indicate the manner and frequency with which it is displayed (e.g., at a terminal when a user signs on, continuously on the terminal display, on printouts from the database, etc.).

• If the notice appears on copies of the database or on magnetic tape reels or the containers for those reels, the applicant should submit a photocopy or other sample of the notice.

See 37 C.F.R. § 202.20 (C) (2)(vii) (D) (5)- (7).

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