Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1111.7(J) Authors / Claimants


1111.7(J) Authors / Claimants


As discussed in Section 1111.3 (E), all of the works must be written by the same individual, and that individual must be named as the copyright claimant for each work. If all of the works were co-written by two or more individuals, those individuals must be named as the joint authors and copyright claimants for each work.


NOTE: As discussed in Section 1111.3, works made for hire are not eligible for this group registration option. This includes works created by corporate authors, and works written by individual authors that were specially ordered or commissioned by another party as a work made for hire.


The applicant should identify the author or joint authors on the Author/Claimant screen. If all of the text was written by the same individual, the applicant should provide that person’s name and address in the spaces marked “Individual Author.” If the text was co-written by two or more joint authors, the applicant should provide the name, address, and other requested information for each individual.


If the author is deceased, the applicant must provide the year that individual died.


Providing the author’s year of birth is optional, although this information may be useful in identifying the person who created the works. If the author’s year of birth is given, it will be included in the online public record for the claim.


For additional guidance in completing the Author/Claimant screen, consult the help text that accompanies this portion of the application.


NOTE: If the author created the works anonymously or used his or her pseudonym on the works and does not want to reveal his or her real name in the registration record, see Section 1111.7(K).


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