Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1111.6 Deposit Requirements


1111.6 Deposit Requirements


This Section discusses the deposit requirements for registering a group of short online literary works. Applicants must submit one complete copy of each work that is included in the group. All of the works must be assembled in an orderly manner. Specifically, each work must be contained in a separate digital file, each file must be saved in an acceptable file format, and all of the files must be submitted in the same format. A current list of acceptable file formats is posted on the U.S. Copyright Office’s website.


In addition, applicants must upload a sequentially numbered list specifying the title, file name, publication date, and word count for each work. The Office has developed a fillable form that may be used to create this list, which is discussed in more detail in Section 1111.7 (A).


When completing the application, applicants must provide a separate title for each work in the group. The titles entered in the application must match the corresponding file names for the digital files that are submitted to the Office. And the titles provided in the application must match the corresponding titles and file names specified in the aforementioned list. If the titles and file names do not match each other, the registration specialist may refuse to register the entire claim.




• Annette Cole intends to register three blog posts titled “The Birthday Party,” “The Dinner Party,” and “The Wedding Party.” She plans to upload these works in three separate .pdf files. Annette should enter the following information in the application, and her files should be named as follows:


Titles Listed in the Application File Names for the Digital Copies of the Works
The Birthday Party the_birthday_party.pdf
The Dinner Party the_dinner_party.pdf
The Wedding Party the_wedding_party.pdf


The digital files must be combined in a single .zip folder containing all of the works being registered. The applicant must upload the .zip folder to the electronic registration system. The size of the .zip folder must not exceed 500 megabytes; if necessary, the digital files may be compressed to comply with this limitation.


The list containing the titles, file names, publication date, and word counts for each work should be uploaded in Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or Portable Document Format (PDF). The file name for the list must include the case number that has been assigned to the application, and the title that has been assigned to the group. For additional information concerning this requirement, see Section 1111.7 (A).


Each file must contain the complete text of each work as it was first published online, but submitting a screenshot of the website or online platform is not required. Applicants may submit the text, disassociated from the context and formatting of the website or online platform where it was first published, as long as the text itself is identical to the text that was first published online.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Office will not accept:


• Digital files with file names that do not match the titles entered in the application.


• A PDF or other digital file that contains multiple works.


• Digital files that are uploaded one-by-one, instead of being uploaded in a single .zip folder.


• A .zip folder containing more than 50 files.


• A .zip folder containing files that have been saved in an unacceptable file format.


• Physical copies, such as print-outs or digital copies that have been saved on an electronic storage device, such as a disc or thumb drive.


For step-by-step instructions on how to upload the list and the digital files to the electronic registration system, consult the tutorial on the U.S. Copyright Office’s website.


See 37 C.F.R. § 202.4(j) (7), (8); Group Registration of Short Online Literary Works, 85 Fed. Reg. 37,341, 37,345 (June 22, 2020); Group Registration of Short Online Literary Works, 83 Fed. Reg. 65,612, 65,615-16 (Dec. 21, 2018).


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