1107.6 (F) Author / Claimant


1107.6 (F) Author / Claimant


As discussed in Section 1107.2, each issue in the group must be created as a work made for hire, the issues must be created by the same author, and the author and the copyright claimant must be the same person or organization.


The applicant should provide the author/claimant’s full name and address on the Author/Claimant screen.


Each issue must be an all-new collective work that has not been published before, and the claim in each issue must be limited to the collective work. When the application is submitted, the term “collective work authorship” will be added automatically to the form.


The registration specialist will examine each issue as a whole to determine if it contains sufficient compilation authorship to warrant registration. And the specialist will review each issue to determine whether it contains “a number of contributions” constituting “separate and independent works in themselves.” 17 U.S.C. § 101 (definition of “collective work”); Group Registration of Serials, 82 Fed. Reg. 22,896, 22,899 (May 17, 2018).


As discussed in Section 1107.2 (B), a claim in the “collective work” covers the compilation authorship involved in creating each issue as a whole, including the selection, coordination, and/or arrangement of the individual contributions appearing within the issue. A claim in the “collective work” also covers the authorship in the individual articles, photographs, illustrations, or other contributions included within each issue – ” if they were first published in that issue and if they are fully owned by the author/claimant when the application is filed.


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