Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1106.5 (A) Type of Works

1106.5 (A) Type of Works

As discussed in Section 1106.1 (D), all of the works must be registered in the same administrative class.

When completing the application, applicants should review the administrative classes listed in the drop down menu marked “Type of Work.” The system will generate a brief statement describing each class.

The applicant should select the class that best describes the works being registered. Once a selection has been made, the applicant should check the box that appears next to the following statement: “Click the box to confirm that you have read the description above and selected the entry that best describes the ‘type of work’ you are registering.”

If the works do not fit within the same administrative class, the applicant should prepare a separate application for each type of work. For example, poems are

considered “literary works” and cartoons are considered “works of the visual arts.” Thus, if the author created five poems and five cartoons, the applicant should prepare one application for the poems (selecting the option for Literary Work) and a separate application for the cartoons (selecting the option for Work of the Visual Arts).

NOTE: There is a limited exception to this rule for claims involving sound recordings. As discussed in Section 1106.1 (D), a group of sound recordings may be registered together with the musical work, literary work, or dramatic work embodied in each recording. But to do so, the applicant must select the administrative class for “sound recordings.”

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