Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1103.4 (D) Authors of the Component Works

1103.4 (D) Authors of the Component Works

As discussed in Section 1103.2, an applicant may register the component works within a unit of publication if the claimant is the author of those works or if the claimant has acquired the copyright in those works through a transfer of ownership.

In all cases, the applicant should identify the author or authors of the component works that will be submitted for registration. When completing an online application, the applicant should provide the full name of each author on the Authors screen. If the works were created by more than one author, the applicant should complete the relevant fields, click the Save button, and then repeat this process for the other authors.

The applicant should provide the country of citizenship or domicile for each author named in the application. If the applicant fails to provide this information, the application will not be accepted by the electronic registration system. If the author’s citizenship or domicile is unknown, the applicant may select “not known” from the drop down menu.

When completing a paper application, the applicant should identify the author or co- authors of the component work(s) in space 2 under the heading marked Name of Author. If the component works were created by three or more authors, the applicant may identify the other authors on Form CON.

For guidance in providing the name(s) of the author(s) of the component works, see Chapter 600, Section 613.8. For guidance in identifying works created by large numbers of authors, see Chapter 600, Section 613.10 (F). For guidance in providing the author’s citizenship and domicile, see Chapter 600, Section 617.

If the works contained within the unit of publication qualify as anonymous or pseudonymous works, the applicant may check the appropriate boxes that appear in the anonymous/pseudonymous fields/spaces. For a definition and discussion of anonymous and pseudonymous works, see Chapter 600, Sections 615.1 and 615.2.

For guidance concerning the Year of Birth and Year of Death fields/spaces, see Chapter 600, Section 616.

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