1103.4 (B) Title


The applicant should provide the primary title of the unit of publication that will be submitted for registration (including any subtitles), even though the “unit” itself is not a work. The applicant should provide this information in the Title of This Work field of the online application.


The titles of the self-contained works that appear within the unit of publication, if any, may be provided in the Contents Title field. If the applicant provides these titles in the application, they will appear on the certificate of registration and the online public record under the heading Contents Title.


Applicants are encouraged to provide a title for each work that is submitted for registration. If a work is known by a particular title, interested parties likely will use that title to search for the work, and it may be extremely difficult to find a particular work if the applicant fails to provide that information in the application.


The total number of characters that may be provided in the Contents Title field is limited. Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide one title in the field, then click the Save button, and then repeat this process in order to prevent loss of data due to space limitations.


When completing a paper application, the applicant should provide the title for the unit of publication and/or the title(s) of the works contained therein in space 1 of the application. If additional space is needed, the applicant may provide the titles using Form CON. If the applicant provides this information in the application, the title of each work may be included in the certificate of registration and the online public record unless the applicant provides a substantial number of titles on Form CON.


In all cases, the titles of the works contained within the unit of publication should be listed in the application in the same order that they appear in the deposit copies.


For additional guidance in completing the title field/space of the application, see Chapter 600, Sections 610.2 and 610.4.


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