Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1101 What This Chapter Covers

1101 What This Chapter Covers

As a general rule, a registration covers an individual work, and an applicant should prepare a separate application, filing fee, and deposit for each work that is submitted for registration. However, there are several exceptions to this rule, including:

• Registering a collective work together with the separate and independent works contained therein. This option is discussed in Chapter 500, Section 509.1 and Chapter 600, Sections 610.4, 613.8, 618.7, 620.8, and 621.8 (D).

• The option for registering a number of works that were published in a single unit of publication. This option is discussed in Section 1103 below.

• Registering a sound recording together with the musical work, dramatic work, or literary work contained in that recording. This option is discussed in Section 1104 below.

• The options for registering a group of related works under Section 408 (C) (1) of the Copyright Act, as discussed in Section 1105 and Sections 1106 through 1114 below. At present, the U.S. Copyright Office offers group registration options for the following types of works:

‚àí Unpublished works.

‚àí Serials.

‚àí Newspapers.

‚àí Newsletters.

‚àí Contributions to periodicals.

‚àí Short online literary works

‚àí Database updates and revisions.

‚àí Questions, answers, and other items prepared for use in a secure test.

‚àí Unpublished photographs.

‚àí Published photographs.

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