Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices, 3rd Edition

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1002.2 Website Content

1002.2 Website Content

For purposes of copyright registration, “website content” is material that is perceptible to the users of a particular website. This may include literary or textual works (such as news articles or literature) that are visibly displayed on a website, works of the performing arts (such as music, sound recordings, motion pictures, other audiovisual works and computer games) that are displayed or performed on a website, and two- dimensional visual art works (such as drawings, photographs, or illustrations) that are displayed on a website.

A work that is perceptible to the user only by downloading or separately purchasing that particular work is not considered part of the website for registration purposes and must be registered separately. Likewise, externally linked content (i.e., content residing on another website or another server) is not considered part of the website’s content for registration purposes.

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