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Chapter 100 Table of Contents

101 The U.S. Copyright Office 101.1 History of the U.S. Copyright Office 101.2 Organization of the U.S. Copyright Office 101.2(A) Office of the Register 101.2(B) Office of the General Counsel 101.2(C) Office of Policy and International Affairs 101.2(D) Office of Registration Policy and Practice 101.2(E) Office of Public Information and Education 101.2(F) Office of Public Records and Repositories 101.2(G) Copyright

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Chapter 2400 Table of Contents

2401 What This Chapter Covers 2402 The Records Research and Certification Section (RRCS) 2403 Contact Information for RRCS 2404 The Public Records Reading Room 2405 Limitations on U.S. Copyright Office Services and Information 2405.1 Reader Registration Cards 2405.2 Restricted Records 2405.3 Limitations on Services 2405.4 Delays for Requests Submitted by Mail 2406 Searches of U.S. Copyright Office Records 2406.1 Searches

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Chapter 2300 Table of Contents

2301 What This Chapter Covers 2302 The Recordation Section 2303 Recordation Distinguished from Registration 2304 What Types of Documents May or Must Be Recorded with the U.S. Copyright Office? 2304.1 Documents That Must Be Recorded 2304.1(A) Notices of Termination 2304.1(B) Security Interests in Registered Works 2304.1(C) Designation of Agent to Receive Notifications of Alleged Infringement Under Section 512(c) of the

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Chapter 2200 Table of Contents

2201 What This Chapter Covers 2202 Works Exempt From the Notice Requirement 2202.1 Unpublished Works 2202.2 Post-Berne Works 2202.2(A) Advantages to Using Notice on Post-Berne Works 2202.2(B) Examination Guidelines for Post-Berne Works 2203 Requirement of Notice 2203.1 Works First Published Between January 1, 1978 and February 28, 1989 2203.2 Visually Perceptible Copies 2203.3 Phonorecords 2203.4 Omission of Notice on Works

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Chapter 2100 Table of Contents

2101 What This Chapter Covers PART I General Background 2102 Copyright Renewal PART II THE COPYRIGHT RENEWAL ACT OF 1992 2103 Intent, Purpose, and Impact on Renewal Registration 2104 Affected Works 2105 Registration for the Original Term Is Not Required 2106 Renewal Registration Before Expiration of Original Term Is Optional 2107 Benefits Secured by Timely Renewal Registration 2108 Renewal Registration

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Chapter 2000 Table of Contents

2001 What This Chapter Covers 2002 Foreign Works 2002.1 What Is a Foreign Work? 2002.2 Treatment of Foreign Works 2003 Eligibility Requirements: How to Determine if a Foreign Work Is Eligible for Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office 2003.1 Unpublished Works 2003.2 Published Works 2003.2(A) Eligibility Based on Nationality or Domicile 2003.2(B) Eligibility Based on Location of First Publication 2003.2(C)

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Chapter 1900 Table of Contents

1901 What This Chapter Covers 1902 What Constitutes Publication? 1903 The Significance of Publication 1904 General Policies Concerning Publication 1904.1 Applicant Makes the Determination 1904.2 Facts Stated in the Application 1904.3 Claim in a Published or Unpublished Work Contradicted by Information Provided Elsewhere, such as in the Registration Materials 1905 Distribution of Copies or Phonorecords of a Work 1905.1 Distribution

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Chapter 1800 Table of Contents

1801 What This Chapter Covers 1802 Supplementary Registration: Correcting or Amplifying the Information in a Registration 1802.1 Who May File an Application for a Supplementary Registration? 1802.2 When May an Application for a Supplementary Registration Be Filed? 1802.3 Records That May Be Corrected or Amplified with a Supplementary Registration 1802.4 Records That Cannot Be Corrected or Amplified with a Supplementary

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Chapter 1700 Table of Contents

1701 What This Chapter Covers 1702 Registration Refused After Examination 1703 First Request for Reconsideration 1703.1 Filing the Request 1703.2 Review of the First Request for Reconsideration 1704 Second Request for Reconsideration 1704.1 Filing the Second Request for Reconsideration 1704.2 Review of the Second Request for Reconsideration 1705 Registration Decision Date and Effective Date of Registration 1706 Final Agency Action

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Chapter 1600 Table of Contents

1601 What This Chapter Covers 1602 What Is Preregistration? 1603 Eligibility Requirements 1603.1 Works That Are Eligible for Preregistration 1603.2 The Work Must Be Copyrightable 1603.3 A Portion of the Work Must Be Fixed 1603.4 The Work Must Be Unpublished 1603.5 The Work Must Be Intended for Commercial Distribution 1604 Preregistration Distinguished from Registration 1604.1 Preregistration Is a Temporary “Placeholder”

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