1412.8 Special Handling Fees

1412.8 Special Handling Fees The U.S. Copyright Office offers expedited handling of applications and documents, as well as requests for searches, certifications, or other services.

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1412.6 Refunds

1412.6 Refunds The U.S. Copyright Office will not refund fees submitted for applications for basic, supplementary, or renewal registration, including mask works and vessel designs,

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1412.5 Deposit Accounts

  1412.5 Deposit Accounts   The U.S. Copyright Office maintains a system of deposit accounts for the convenience of those who frequently use the Office’s

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1412.3 Submitting Filing Fees

  1412.3 Submitting Filing Fees   When filing claims via the U.S. Copyright Office’s electronic registration system, the applicant will be prompted to provide payment

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1411 Waivers

1411 Waivers As discussed above, applicants must use an online application to register an architectural work, a group of unpublished works, a group of photographs,

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