About IP Illustrated

There’s a saying: “The law is pretty boring until you apply it.” Ok, maybe it’s not an official saying, but it is now. Real talk, 15 U.S.C § 1052 means nothing to most people, but it’s the reason a decaf, nonfat, no-foam latte from a coffee shop called Stars & Bucks probably will taste different than what you expect.

Most legal websites cater to lawyers, who have accepted reading walls of text as their fate. IP Illustrated wants to change this while also making legal news accessible (and enjoyable!) to everyone. 

The law—specifically intellectual property—touches every facet of our lives, from your most recent Netflix binge, the headphones you just splurged on, or the annoying ad you just rolled your eyes at on YouTube. 

IP Illustrated’s mission is to provide copyright, trademark, and patent news from around the world with a modern approach. Intellectual property for the here and now. 

About the Founder

Jessica Gore spawned in the 80’s, leveled up in the music industry working at ASCAP and as an artist with a record deal, to the mid-game where she worked on big video games creating sound effects *pew pew* and composing music (cue 8-bit arpeggiator and cello samples). She’s also been designing and making websites for 15 years. All this hard-earned XP is being converted into her becoming an IP attorney in 2022. Possibly her final form. Time will tell. 

Read the full story of why she founded IP Illustrated here

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