Contribute to IP Illustrated!

Submission Request Twitter Promo Aug 10 2021

Many have asked if they can contribute to IP Illustrated. The answer? An emphatic YES. This space was created specifically for different voices to be heard and for the legal community to collaborate for the greater good.

Accepting Submissions for:

  • Featured articles
  • Blog posts
  • Monthly or weekly recurring content
  • Content or ideas for new tools, resources, or guides
  • International perspectives on IP
  • All content must have a neutral point of view.

This is ideal for people who:

  • Have unpublished content collecting dust
  • Want to write but don’t have a platform
  • Want to get their name out there as a writer in the legal field
  • Love to research but don’t know how to present the findings in an easy-to-read, digestible way

If you’re a lawyer, professor, or student looking to get fresh, original content out in the world, send an email to or reach out here:

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